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What we are going to cover in this tutorial:

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can Create Gmail Account, Step-by-Step. We are going to set a Gmail account together. During the quick signup process you will choose your Gmail account name.

Note: If you don’t know what Gmail account is, please take a look at my lesson titled What is Email (Electronic Mail)?. There, I explained what email is, It benefits, 10 free email service providers and much more.

Create Gmail Account

To create a Gmail account, you’ll first need to reserve some basic information like your name, birth date, genderphone number and location. In the process of creating the account, you will fill some forms, where you will be asked to provide the data listed above. You will also need to choose a username for your new Gmail account.

Example of email address (username):

In the above example, you will replace “someone” to suit your need. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to start adding contacts and adjusting your mail settings.

To create an account:

These steps that I’m going to show you are not constant all the time, because gmail has the right to change the steps, increase or decrease requirements for signing up. However, I am going to show you these steps with the help of pictures for quick and easy understanding. Please, let’s delve in.

Step 1:

Open your favorite browser and type in in the search (address) bar.

Address bar
Photo: Address bar

Step 2:

Click Create an account button at the top-right hand corner of the screen. OR You may find it somewhere at the middle of the page.

Photo: Create an account button

Step 3: User's Details

The signup form will appear after you click Create an account button in the previous step. Fill in the appropriate information in this form. The information are:

  1. Your first name
  2. Your last name
  3. Choose the username you want. It can be a combination of alphabets, numbers, and punctuation marks. You don’t need to type “”, because it is there.
  4. Password: This must be 8 characters at least. You should also combine alphabets, numbers and punctuation marks to make your password strong.

Note: The username (email address) you choose might have been taken by someone, try many entries until you get one.

Then, click Next to continue.

Create your Google Account
Photo: User details

Step 4: Verification

Create your Google Account 2
Photo: Verification screen

In this form, you are required to provide a valid phone number. Make sure your phone is ON.

The reason for this requirement is for the Google to verify you as a real human not robot or malicious attack by a hacker. It is also good for your account security. Because, if you forget your password or someone is trying to access your account without authorization, you will be contacted through this phone number you provide.

Now, type the phone number and click Next to continue. Gmail  will send you 6-digits verification code to your phone. Type the code in the next screen that appears and click Next.

Step 4: Recovery Options and Other Details

Create your Google Account 3
Photo: Recovery options

Your phone number will appear here. It will be used as recovery option in case of lost of password. You can also provide another email, but it is optional.

Next is your date of birth and gender, type them in and click Next to continue.

Step 5: Recovery Options

Click Yes, I’m in button to continue. You can skip, but it is not recommended.

Create your Google Account 4
Photo: Get more from your number

Step 6: Policy and Terms

You must agree with Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These are policy and guidelines that you must agree with before you access google services. Please, read it carefully.

Click I agree to continue.

Create your Google Account 5
Photo: Policy and Terms of use

Step 7: Congratulation

Gmail loading
Photo: Gmail loading


You are done. Your email account is created. Be patient, you are already there!

Step 8: Inbox

This is your inbox…

Get time to study the environment before we meet in our next lesson.

Inbox (1) - Gmail
Photo: Gmail inbox

Congratulation once more. I hope you enjoy this lesson. Please, leave a comment below and subscribe to my newsletter. It is free!!!

Thanks. See you next time.

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